Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barana Athletic 2017 season black special soccer jersey

Umbro and the Brazilian Barana Atha Club (Atletico Paranaense) jointly launched a special jersey, adopted the past year, the fans suggested that the new jersey has a different design from the past.
The new jersey has a deep and elegant all-black design, and with the changing red fine lines. Eduardo Dal Pogetto, an athletic marketing manager at Umbro, emphasizes that the new jersey symbolizes the long-term partnership between Umbro and the club: "In 2017, Umbro and Barana Athletic Club have been We've been working with clubs and fans for twenty years, and we've been bringing a new look to the team.
The new wholesale soccer jersey uses a high-tech fabric, the weight lighter than ever, the fabric can bring both the players on the field or the supporters of the stands are equally comfortable.
Chest embroidery of the classical red "CAP" letter badge is the epitome of the great history of the club, the other side of the Umbro diamond brand is also designed to red.
Jersey positive four vertical stripes from bottom to top by the black to red transition, meaning full of hope to the road to success.
The lower right side of the soccer jersey cheap has a "hurricane" icon, the hurricane is the club's famous nickname.
Jersey back on both sides of the red dot matrix also possession of the club classic "CAP" letter badge.
And this jersey with the red number of fonts, the font is also decorated with the club below the classic "CAP" letter badge.

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