Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Barcelona 2016-17 season home soccer jersey

Nike and La Liga Champion Barcelona club officially launched the team 2016-17 season new home jersey, jersey from 25 years ago (1991-92 season) won the European Champions Cup that Barcelona team jersey to draw inspiration Advanced Nike AeroSwift innovative technology of the new Vapor jersey with modern fashion interpretation of the traditional style of the club. Captain Iniesta (Andres Iniesta) explained: "In Barcelona, we believe in fast football and offensive football, new jerseys light and comfortable, is a combination of our tradition and the future of a performance. New wholesale soccer jersey, the club's classic red and blue wide stripes more bright than in the past, wide lines hidden in the middle of subtle fine lines, all this to 25 years ago, the first to win the European Champions League team that tribute. Sleeves and shoulders by midnight navy blue and super cobalt blue combination, two different colors of blue texture so that players can show in the movement of wonderful color changes. Jersey inside and outside both sides have to celebrate the club's logo, jersey chest is made by hot pressing technology team logo, the collar is printed on the back of "Barça (Barcelona)" words, the bottom is also embedded in a Small Catalan flag. Cuffs on the inside of the embroidered "Un Crit" and "Valent" two Catalan words, even the meaning of "crying sound earth-shattering", this sentence from every home game before the ringing Nou Camp's song "Cant del Barça". Jersey number font inspiration is derived from the city's landmark building beautiful curve. Each side of the jersey has a red breathable belt, they extend down along the wholesale soccer uniform and shorts on both sides of the red breathable belt match. When the players are in motion, they can provide great ventilation, but also flash out the internal eye-catching blue design. The rear of the blue soccer socks is a bright red line pattern, highlighting the football leg full of calf parts, thus strengthening the speed of the show. AeroSwift Vapor jersey is the most technologically advanced jersey of Nike. Jersey than the previous style weight reduced by 10%, flexibility increased by 50%. The new jersey uses a new high-performance yarn, making the perspiration speed than the previous increase of 20%, quick drying rate increased by 25%. In addition, in the shirt and shorts, the new weaving method will be combined with single and double layers to improve the permeability, flexibility and comfort. In the jersey design Nike will be environmentally friendly in the first place, with recycled polyester manufacturing cheap soccer jersey, but also to ensure that the jersey with unparalleled performance advantages and the impact on the environment smaller. Each set of jerseys - including blouses, shorts and socks, are made of recycled plastic, which comes from recyclable plastic bottles that produce good yarns by degrading these raw materials to form the fabric body of the jersey. Each jersey uses an average of 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycle nearly 3 billion waste plastic bottles from landfills - enough to fill 5200 soccer fields.

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