Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beijing holding 2017 season home and away soccer jerseys

Under the guidance of the slogan under the slogan, KELME (Beijing) and the Beijing Holding Football Club today officially announced the team's new home and away jersey in the 2017 season. Followed the season with the classic, home jersey design will be further gradual change, away jersey is the introduction of very influential elements of national essence.
And last season's design style of the same strain of the same season, the new season soccer jerseys cheap in the chest on the vertical use of a more visual sense of the gradual fringes, clothes behind the use of a gradual upward stripes design, meaning the team in the new season Yuezhanyueyong, The
Jersey chest proudly show the club's badge, daggers, full of fighting on behalf of the Beijing Eagle on behalf of the Beijing football people brave struggle, fighting spirit of tenacious, won the first courage, such as eagle-like breakthrough limit, wings fly.
Collar red and blue ribbon ribbon embedded in the "Beijing" words, specially designed size also shows the English alphabet "BEIJING", a symbol of the club's survival on the basis of the fans.
The slogan of the scene - "here is Beijing this is Beijing" is not only appear in the collar, but also show the side of the jerseys in the front of the gradient stripes.
The new road jersey uses the quintessence of "Peking opera" design concept, abstraction of the mask pattern into a vertical ornaments placed on the side of the shirt, the jersey more visual impact.
Golden silhouette of the "Eagle" club badge placed in the purple Peking Opera face pattern, the front and back are showing a slogan - "here is Beijing this is Beijing".
New soccer jerseys wholesale more light, sweat sports fabric so that athletes in the field with a more comfortable sports experience, enhance the performance of athletes stadium. The new season KELME in a jersey using a separate design of the clothes down the security standard and size standard, giving the shirt more exclusive design sense.
The "One Goal One Love" on the back of the jersey represents a charity event that KELME has launched since 2016 and signed a team of KELME's team in a new season. KELME Local football school donated five hundred dollars of football equipment.

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