Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lijiang Flying Tiger 2017 season home and away soccer jerseys

KELME (Cali) company together with Yunnan Lijiang Football Club today officially announced the Lijiang Flying Tigers 2017 season new home and away jerseys. By the anti-Japanese war world-renowned air force - the Flying Tigers inspired by the new design of the jersey in the tribute to the history of the team also hope that the new season can also be as the Flying Tigers as hegemony.
The new home jersey color using the plateau on the clear and clean sky blue, the sky lofty meaning the future of the team limitless.
New jersey chest pattern inspiration from the anti-Japanese war Flying Tigers aircraft head signs shark head painted, because the Kunming people mistakenly believe that "flying tiger" and get "Flying Tigers" reputation.
Jersey chest proudly demonstrated the team's badge, badge in the back of the wings of the tiger from the Walt Disney (Walt Disney) personally designed the Flying Tigers logo.
Collar blue ribbon embedded in the "Lijiang" words, specially designed size also shows the English alphabet "LIJIANG", a symbol of the club's survival on the basis of the fans.
"When Tigers Ruled the Sky", which was originally written by Bill Yenne, describes the title of the story of the Flying Tigers in World War II, Used here to express respect for history and highlight the dominance of the team.
The new away jersey is white, with light blue shorts, simple and pure. The jersey uses the same overall and detailed design as the home jersey, tribute to the famous Flying Tigers during the War of Resistance Against Japan.
New jerseys more light, sweat sports fabric so that athletes in the field with a more comfortable sports experience, enhance the performance of athletes stadium. The new season KELME in a jersey using a separate design of the clothes down the security standard and size standard, giving the shirt more exclusive design sense.
The "One Goal One Love" on the back of the wholesale soccer jersey represents a charity event that KELME has launched since 2016 and signed a team of KELME's team in a new season. KELME Local football school donated five hundred dollars of football equipment.

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