Sunday, March 19, 2017

US national team 2017-18 season away red soccer jersey

Nike and the US Football Association (USSF) officially announced the US women’s soccer team and the men’s soccer team 2017-18 season new away jersey, the new Vapor jersey boldly used red – from the US flag in the core color, jerseys used Advanced Nike AeroSwift innovative technology to help athletes in the game to remove interference, focus on the game.
American women’s national team will wear a new jersey debut March 1 to 7 at the local SheBelieves Cup four countries invitational tournament. As the 2015 Women’s World Cup champion, the United States women’s soccer jersey will continue to wear FIFA Women’s World Championship championship, while the top of the American Football Association badge there is a symbol of 1991,1999 and 2015 three World Cup three Five-pointed star.
The US soccer team will also be March 24 sits in San Jose, California home and the Honduran national team in the 2018 Russian World Cup in the North American and Caribbean region qualifier wearing a red red shirt debut.
The new jersey shows the core color of the American flag – red, based on popular belief that red symbolizes courage and passion, the US team will wear this exciting red jersey to meet the challenges of the new year.
Jersey chest of the American Football Association logo to red and white spot color form, the shield shape of the central bold “USA (USA)” words, the bottom is the vertical red and white stripes.
Men’s jersey’s chest, woven by a unique process of geometric structure can enhance the comfort and permeability, the bottom of the small piece of the grid area also brings an extra cool feeling.
And the former home wholesale soccer jersey, the new jersey inside and outside both sides have to honor the country to honor the logo. The back of the collar says “USA”, and the inside of the cuff is embroidered with “1 Nation”, “1 Team”.
AeroSwift Vapor jersey is the most technologically advanced jersey of Nike. Jersey than the previous style weight reduced by 10%, flexibility increased by 50%. The new jersey uses a new high-performance yarn, making the perspiration speed than the previous increase of 20%, quick drying rate increased by 25%. In addition, in the shirt and shorts, the new weaving method will be combined with single and double layers to improve the permeability, flexibility and comfort.
In the jersey design Nike will be environmentally friendly in the first place, with recycled polyester manufacturing wholesale soccer uniform, but also to ensure that the jersey with unparalleled performance advantages and the impact on the environment smaller.
Each set of jerseys – including blouses, shorts and socks, are made of recycled plastic, which comes from recyclable plastic bottles that produce good yarns by degrading these raw materials to form the fabric body of the jersey.
Each jersey uses an average of 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycle nearly 3 billion waste plastic bottles from landfills – enough to fill 5200 soccer fields.

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