Thursday, March 23, 2017

World Cup - in the Dabao Gongzheng home football 1-0 win South Korea wins the first 12 wins

Beijing time on March 23 19:35, 2018 Russian World Cup qualifier Asia 12 strong reign of war, the Chinese team at home in Changsha against South Korea. The final national football by virtue of the treasure in the first 35 minutes of the goal to 1-0 victory over South Korea, won the first 12 games victory, which is Lippi coach national football after the first victory. The first 13 minutes, the Chinese team on the right side of the ball with Zhang Lin Peng sent high-quality fast pass, in the Dabao point outflanking slightly missed the ball, Hong just hit the ball out of the bottom line. Chi Dong Yuan right inside cut the door, but the ball missed. The first 29 minutes, the Chinese team took advantage of Li Rong's slip of the formation of a threat to the offensive, Wu Lei made the ball after the ball pass forward, in the restricted area on the left side of the restricted area by the Korean goalkeeper Chun Tai denied. The first 34 minutes, Zhang Lin Peng and Zhang Zhezhe with the formation of the road before the plug, the restricted area outside the shot was Hong just blocked the bottom line, the Chinese team won the corner of the opportunity. Wang yongpo corner of the left pass to the point, in the big treasure header attack, 1-0! The first 42 minutes Tong Yuan right channel penetration into the Chinese team into the restricted area, Nantai from the ball instantly Zhengzhi interception to resolve the danger. South Korea out of the corner formation of Gongmen, pool East Yuan dome high. 45 minutes, South Korea left the impact of the infiltration into the restricted area, Jin Zhenzhu pass when the ball hit Feng Xiaoting who pop the bottom line, almost the emergence of own goals. The first half ended, the Chinese team 1-0 lead. Easy side battles, Lippi replaced with Wu Xi Wu Lei. The first 50 minutes, Hao Junmin on the right pass, Wang Yongpei header Gong Hong was just blocked the bottom line. 58 minutes, in the big treasure left the door inside the ball straight into the right Chun Taihuai arms. Zheng Zhi after the ball after the ball out of the ball, the South Korean team after the break down to send the door before the formation of a threat, the goalkeeper had struggled to save the ball out of the ball. The Chinese team to make the second staff adjustment, Yin Hongbo replaced Wang Yongper. The first 61 minutes, Hao Junmin midfield steals after the formation of continuous transmission of the Chinese team, Zhang Zhe thin ball into the restricted area, in the big treasure missed. The first 68 minutes, Hao Junmin and Zhang Zhezhe continuous formation of clever low ball back to knock, Wu Xi restricted area before the Tuishe was right Zhuntai flying out of the bottom line. The first 70 minutes, Zhang thin Zhe peripheral shot slightly missed. The first 75 minutes, Nantai Hee left forced to get rid of the biography, the pool east of the header Gong was struggling to block out. After Lippi replaced with Zhang Yining in the big treasure. 81 minutes, the South Korean team in a row offensive offensive, Wu Xi struggling to block the ball. 89 minutes, Feng Xiaoting once again steal the ball and the formation of the ball organization, Yin Hongbo side of the way when the ball fell to the ground, Huang Xi can lift the leg kicked in Yin Hongbo legs of the ball, both players dispute. Time-out stage, Zhang Yining won the single-pole opportunity, but failed to seize the opportunity. Ultimately, the Chinese team 1-0 victory over South Korea, home all take 3 points. Chinese team: 1 - Zengcheng; 4 - Jiang Zhipeng, 6 - Feng Xiaoting, 3 - Mei Fang, 5 - Zhang Lin - peng; 11 - Hao Junmin, 10 - Zheng Zhi, 17 - Yin Hongbo), 22 - in the big treasure (76 minutes, 9 - Zhang Yining), 7 - Wu Lei (46 minutes, 15 - Wu Xi) South Korea: 1 - right Chun Tai; 3 - Jin Zhen soo, 15 - Hong is good, 20 - Zhang Xianxiu, 2 - Li Rong; 16 - sent Cheng Yong, 8 - Gao Mingzhen (66 minutes, 19 - Huang Xi Can), 10 - Tai Chi (84 minutes, 17 - Xu Rong jun), 11 - with philosophy, 13 - pool East Yuan; 18 - Li Tingjie (46 minutes, 9 - Kim Shin Yu)

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