Wednesday, April 26, 2017

La Liga - Barcelona 7-1 victory over Messi + two new aid into the two goals

This morning, the first 34 rounds of the Spanish, Barcelona 7-1 swept the squad leader Osasuna, won the league 10 consecutive victories to continue to lead. Messi and the season the two new aid Andre - Gomez and Paco - Alcacel, respectively, scored twice, Mascherano transmission meritorious deeds, the penalty kick into Barcelona career first Scoring. Barcelona to become the league this season, the first five league goals of 100 goals of the team, Roberto - Torres scored a direct free kick for the visiting team to recover a ball.

Two teams nearly 10 times in the Nou Camp confrontation, Barcelona made 9 wins, only 2 goals conceded. Enrique served as La Liga coach, never lost to Osasuna, 2 wins and 1 level. The campaign is La Liga between the first and last one of the duel, but also the highest point of the ball with the lowest team between the confrontation. Enrique once again evolved three guard formation, Messi partner Paco - Alcazar assault, Nemal suspension, Suarez into the bench, Javier Mascherano, Digner, Andre - Gomez , Dennis - Suarez and Turan rotate starting.
The first 12 minutes, the visiting team midfielder Fawuso return error, Messi quickly after the formation of a single ball after the ball, the goalkeeper Xili ancient cool ejection break, 1-0. La Liga career Messi 20th break Osasuna goal, history first, leading the first 2 of the Villa up to 7 goals. Osasuna is also 23 goals in Seville, 22 goals at Atletico, 21 goals after Valencia, the fourth league by Messi broke more than 20 times the Spanish team.

The first 14 minutes, Dini outside the restricted area outside the long shot, the ball hit the bottom line. 26 minutes, Pique over the top pass, Paco - Alcazar restricted area right rib cross knock at the door, Messi outflank right foot volley hit high. 30 minutes, Messi pass after the ball after the ball break, the restricted area before the left foot volley, the ball rub the left side of the column wide.
The first 30 minutes, Raktić right-wing biography, Andre - Gomez penalty point near the Tuishe broke, 2-0. The Portuguese into Barcelona career second ball, 42 war 2 ball, are broken in the Nou Camp stadium.

Barca library library came to the Nou Camp view. 37 minutes, Javier Mascherano sent over the top pick, Turan header rounding off. 40 minutes, Messi kick left free kick pass, Paco - Alcacel head header, Xili ancient flying ball sealed.
The first 48 minutes, the visiting team midfielder Roberto - Torres took the free kick, the ball around the wall directly into the left corner of the goal, Barcelona 2-1. Roberto Torres into the Osasuna team La Liga this season, the first direct free kick, Barcelona this season, three opponents have been directly free kick, but also the first round of the league after the first four rounds.

The first 50 minutes, Paco - Alcazar left cross, Javier Mascherano header, Cili ancient flapping the ball hit the right column pop. 2 minutes later, Roberto - Torres restricted area left ribs small angle volley, Terstead root saved the ball. The first 55 minutes, Rakitic stepped into the restricted area was opponents knocked down, the referee did not penalty kick.
66 minutes, Dennis - Suarez restricted area by Barcelona veteran Merida swept the legs stumbled, Javier Mascherano missed a penalty kick, 6-1. Mascherano Barcelona career 319 games the first time a goal, but also for the first time his career kick penalty kick, the Argentine a goal, or in February 2010 when Liverpool played in the European Cup , After a lapse of 7 years.
Barcelona became the first five league games this season, the goal of a breakthrough team of 100 goals. The first 86 minutes, Dennis - Suarez Zhise, Paco - Alcázel solo round the goalkeeper Xili ancient, easily pushed into the empty door, 7-1. The campaign was in January 1999 against Alavis battle, Rivaldo, Enrique and Oscar were scored twice, Barcelona for the first time in a single league three players into more than two goals. Barcelona won the league 10 consecutive victories, but also the 2013-14 season after the start of the first time to do.
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

New York City 2017 season home soccer jersey

US New York City Football Club official officially announced today the team 2017 season new home jersey, the new jersey continued the club's famous sky blue tradition, emphasizing the club and New York City inextricably linked.
The new jersey continues the club's famous sky blue tradition, the navy blue and orange details are derived from the club's badge, but also from the banner of New York City. The lower side of the new jersey is also printed with a small New York City flag, the banner center badge with a simple New York City "NYC" letter badge replacement.
And the new jersey with navy blue and white two shorts, to flexibly deal with different opponents.
New season home socks are sky blue, socks decorated with navy blue, but also joined the "City (city)" words.
The new jersey fabric is designed to provide a more comfortable wearing experience, so that people in their daily life or football are more willing to wear it.
The new jersey chest proudly demonstrated the exquisite die-casting club badge, New York City Club badge shows the club and the city inextricably linked, suggesting that the team's potential and win the ambition, but also exudes New York as a leading state of the city.
Jeans and cuffs eye-catching orange decorative line from the club badge in the orange outer ring, orange is also the color of the New York City flag. The new jersey's two sleeves are printed with the club's exclusive navy blue, sky blue and white three-color big league armbands.
In the collar of the jersey, the Navy blue bag shows the five important components of New York City in orange and white - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx Bronx and Staten Island.
The new jersey makes the player faster in the game, with a more comfortable wearing experience. It uses ultra-light material, without sacrificing flexibility and flexibility at the same time, for the players to provide a higher freedom of movement, an increase of the shirt breathability.
On the other hand, the production of jersey using climacool breathable technology, the use of holes, breathable materials, fabrics and unique sewing technology designed to help keep the players dry.
The new wholesale soccer jersey is made from recycled polyester, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the impact on the environment, thus playing a significant role in Adidas' protection of the environment and the sustainability of the project.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Bayern Munich 2016-17 season home red soccer jersey

Adidas company Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich club has just announced the team 2016-17 season new home jersey, the team will be wearing a new jersey appeared in the May 14 and Hannover team this season, the Bundesliga final battle.
With the fourth consecutive season won the Bundesliga champions, Bayern has the club's Bundesliga championship total to 25, Adidas this great achievements and the great history of the club are included in the design of new jerseys.
The new jersey reproduces the club's classic red and white match, soccer jersey cheap positive fashion trendy dark horizontal stripes, with a white lining of the red Polo collar show the Bundesliga king's style.
Adidas symbolic victory three stripes for the first time did not appear in the sleeves, eye-catching white three stripes appear in the side of the body, and white shorts on the side of the red stripes connected. The home socks are red and the socks are decorated with white stripes.
Adidas use adizero technology to produce a lighter, more comfortable game uniforms, so that players in the game on the performance of more rapid, play more freely, the weight of the 2014 World Cup team compared to the equipment and reduced by 10%. Conform to the development trend of modern football, the new soccer jersey wholesale in the back are used ultra-ventilated mesh fabric to help players in the game quickly release heat.
Jersey chest embroidered club badge above proudly show the four gold five-pointed star, representing the history of the club won a total of 25 Bundesliga championship.
The Bavarian Slang "Mia san Mia" is also indispensable, meaning "I am me".

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Santos Laguna 2017 season second away soccer jersey

PUMA company together Santos Laguna Club (Santos Laguna) jointly launched the team 2017 season new second away jersey, jersey with a gray tone, decorated with green details, shallow horizontal stripes and the team famous Of the home shirt style the same strain. Inspired by the club's home-Santor Model Santor Model Stadium, the iconic green and gray tones show the local droughts and complex climate, and also the legend of the club's legend and the stars of today.
Jersey chest club badge with silicone and felt fabric two materials made by thermal bonding technology, both the appearance of the exquisite beauty and internal sense of the comfort. Chest and cuffs PUMA "big cat" trademark also uses a silicone resin, showing a new three-dimensional form.
PUMA in the armpit, shoulders and back are introduced breathable mesh fabric, allowing the overall weight of the shirt lighter, high-performance fiber with dryCELL moisture management technology to help players adjust the body temperature, keep the body dry, to ensure high strength confrontation in the excellent Play. The main ad of the jersey uses the "R-Breath" technology, the uniform distribution of micropores to ensure a good permeability, all ads are designed to dark green also ensure the overall coordination and unity.
Jersey collar shows the unique symbol of the club's culture, wholesale soccer jersey hem green, white, red three-color small weaving standard is emphasized Santos Laguna as the identity of the Mexican club.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Brazil national team second away soccer jersey release

Brazil national team second or 3rd away soccer jersey release
Nike recently joined the five-crowned Brazilian national team launched a 2017 second away jersey, which is also the Samba Corps in 2014 after the selection of dark green almost black jersey. This third away jersey with the home and away jersey the same Nike AeroSwift technology Vapor jersey, the technology cost more than two years Nike developed, the purpose is to provide a better player experience for the game. It is worth mentioning that, AeroSwift Vapor jersey is so far the most advanced technology jersey jersey. Jersey than the previous style weight reduced by 10%, flexibility increased by 50%, in the perspiration speed increased by 20% under the premise of quick drying rate increased by 25%. Collar and shoulder at the use of a deeper than the main body of the color of the shirt, so that the whole shirt to show two colors contrast visual effects. And the team's team logo and nike logo are used gilt, number and name also used a vibrant yellow, which also reflects the five-star Brazil's highest glory. This jersey also people can not help but think of the 2014 Brazilian national team against the World Cup second road jersey, the same color evokes the people of the country's lush natural landscape and unique memories of urban nightlife. In the jersey design Nike will be environmentally friendly in the first place, with recycled polyester manufacturing jersey, but also to ensure that the jersey with unparalleled performance advantages and the impact on the environment smaller. Each jersey uses an average of 16 discarded plastic bottles, and since 2010 nike recycling plastic bottles are enough to fill more than 5,000 football fields. But also the same black jersey, the Brazilian national team training clothes seem more beautiful. As with many national teams, the Brazilian national team training jersey is also full of Brazilian national team sponsors of the Logo, and Samba Corps is the sponsorship of advertising to do the ultimate, reasonable layout and unique font is Template training wholesale soccer jersey added a bit bright color.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dalian Bo Yang 2017 season home and away soccer jerseys

Dalian Bo Yang 2017 season home and away jerseys KELME (Carle US) company together with Dalian Bo Yang Football Club announced the team 2017 season new home and away jerseys, the new design of the new jersey to show the new style of the new army. Club new season home jersey to red-based, with white shorts, ingenious details of the design show the club's unique features. From the club on the eagle's respected, KELME for the team to bring the new jersey full of eagle elements, in addition to the chest club eagle badge, positive huge "double eagle" decoration also symbolizes the club lofty Vision and strength. The new jersey has a lightweight white V-shaped collar, decorated with golden details. Collar red and white ribbon on the ribbon embedded with "Dalian" words, on behalf of the club's survival on the basis of the fans. Jersey behind the show there are traditional Chinese "Dalian" words, emitting a strong sense of pride in the city. Slim cut with elastic fabric, make the shirt more self-cultivation, more prominent athlete bodybuilding, while in the fierce confrontation effectively prevent the shirt was torn, the jacquard fabric on the whole process more breathable, while increasing the armpit punching process, to further enhance Athletes' performance in hot weather. Club new season away jersey with the same design with the home, the overall yellow-based, with black shorts. From the whole to the details of the design of away jerseys are the same strain with the home jersey. As with home wholesale soccer jerseys, away jerseys are also more self-cultivation, the jacquard fabric on the fabric to make the overall shirt more breathable, while increasing the armpit punching process, to further enhance the athletes in the hot weather in the game performance. The "One Goal One Love" on the back of the jersey represents a charity event that KELME started in 2016 and signed KELME's team in a new season in the regular season. KELME went to the local Football school donated five hundred dollars of football equipment.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ukrainian national team 2017-18 season home and away jerseys

Joma company together with the Ukrainian Football Association (FFU) today announced the Ukrainian national team new home and away jerseys, Joma company and the Ukrainian Football Association signed a new cooperation agreement, the Ukrainian national team will wear in the next few years Joma brand jersey game.
March 24, 2018 Russian World Cup European qualifier Ukraine away to challenge the Croatian team in the game, the team will wear the first time the blue Joma away jerseys played.
Both jeans are comfortable and highly flexible polyester fabric, DRYMX technology to ensure excellent ventilation and keep the body dry ability.
The players will be in the fierce competition in a large number of sweat, the new jersey to provide a greater permeability area, Joma jersey polyester fiber fabric design with microporous to help breathable, and has antibacterial function.
Joma company for the Ukrainian national team both yellow home or blue away cheap soccer jersey have brought a unique custom design, the summer of 2016 launched a new national team badge first appeared in the national team wholesale soccer jersey chest, novel Fashion badge closer to the shape of the Ukrainian emblem, always inspire players to fight for the country.
Ukrainian traditional embroidery (Vyshyvanka) style stripes placed on the front and sides of the jersey, the emblem of the Trident cleverly into the pattern, to show the world the pride of the culture of Ukraine.