Friday, April 21, 2017

Bayern Munich 2016-17 season home red soccer jersey

Adidas company Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich club has just announced the team 2016-17 season new home jersey, the team will be wearing a new jersey appeared in the May 14 and Hannover team this season, the Bundesliga final battle.
With the fourth consecutive season won the Bundesliga champions, Bayern has the club's Bundesliga championship total to 25, Adidas this great achievements and the great history of the club are included in the design of new jerseys.
The new jersey reproduces the club's classic red and white match, soccer jersey cheap positive fashion trendy dark horizontal stripes, with a white lining of the red Polo collar show the Bundesliga king's style.
Adidas symbolic victory three stripes for the first time did not appear in the sleeves, eye-catching white three stripes appear in the side of the body, and white shorts on the side of the red stripes connected. The home socks are red and the socks are decorated with white stripes.
Adidas use adizero technology to produce a lighter, more comfortable game uniforms, so that players in the game on the performance of more rapid, play more freely, the weight of the 2014 World Cup team compared to the equipment and reduced by 10%. Conform to the development trend of modern football, the new soccer jersey wholesale in the back are used ultra-ventilated mesh fabric to help players in the game quickly release heat.
Jersey chest embroidered club badge above proudly show the four gold five-pointed star, representing the history of the club won a total of 25 Bundesliga championship.
The Bavarian Slang "Mia san Mia" is also indispensable, meaning "I am me".

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