Friday, April 14, 2017

Brazil national team second away soccer jersey release

Brazil national team second or 3rd away soccer jersey release
Nike recently joined the five-crowned Brazilian national team launched a 2017 second away jersey, which is also the Samba Corps in 2014 after the selection of dark green almost black jersey. This third away jersey with the home and away jersey the same Nike AeroSwift technology Vapor jersey, the technology cost more than two years Nike developed, the purpose is to provide a better player experience for the game. It is worth mentioning that, AeroSwift Vapor jersey is so far the most advanced technology jersey jersey. Jersey than the previous style weight reduced by 10%, flexibility increased by 50%, in the perspiration speed increased by 20% under the premise of quick drying rate increased by 25%. Collar and shoulder at the use of a deeper than the main body of the color of the shirt, so that the whole shirt to show two colors contrast visual effects. And the team's team logo and nike logo are used gilt, number and name also used a vibrant yellow, which also reflects the five-star Brazil's highest glory. This jersey also people can not help but think of the 2014 Brazilian national team against the World Cup second road jersey, the same color evokes the people of the country's lush natural landscape and unique memories of urban nightlife. In the jersey design Nike will be environmentally friendly in the first place, with recycled polyester manufacturing jersey, but also to ensure that the jersey with unparalleled performance advantages and the impact on the environment smaller. Each jersey uses an average of 16 discarded plastic bottles, and since 2010 nike recycling plastic bottles are enough to fill more than 5,000 football fields. But also the same black jersey, the Brazilian national team training clothes seem more beautiful. As with many national teams, the Brazilian national team training jersey is also full of Brazilian national team sponsors of the Logo, and Samba Corps is the sponsorship of advertising to do the ultimate, reasonable layout and unique font is Template training wholesale soccer jersey added a bit bright color.

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