Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dalian Bo Yang 2017 season home and away soccer jerseys

Dalian Bo Yang 2017 season home and away jerseys KELME (Carle US) company together with Dalian Bo Yang Football Club announced the team 2017 season new home and away jerseys, the new design of the new jersey to show the new style of the new army. Club new season home jersey to red-based, with white shorts, ingenious details of the design show the club's unique features. From the club on the eagle's respected, KELME for the team to bring the new jersey full of eagle elements, in addition to the chest club eagle badge, positive huge "double eagle" decoration also symbolizes the club lofty Vision and strength. The new jersey has a lightweight white V-shaped collar, decorated with golden details. Collar red and white ribbon on the ribbon embedded with "Dalian" words, on behalf of the club's survival on the basis of the fans. Jersey behind the show there are traditional Chinese "Dalian" words, emitting a strong sense of pride in the city. Slim cut with elastic fabric, make the shirt more self-cultivation, more prominent athlete bodybuilding, while in the fierce confrontation effectively prevent the shirt was torn, the jacquard fabric on the whole process more breathable, while increasing the armpit punching process, to further enhance Athletes' performance in hot weather. Club new season away jersey with the same design with the home, the overall yellow-based, with black shorts. From the whole to the details of the design of away jerseys are the same strain with the home jersey. As with home wholesale soccer jerseys, away jerseys are also more self-cultivation, the jacquard fabric on the fabric to make the overall shirt more breathable, while increasing the armpit punching process, to further enhance the athletes in the hot weather in the game performance. The "One Goal One Love" on the back of the jersey represents a charity event that KELME started in 2016 and signed KELME's team in a new season in the regular season. KELME went to the local Football school donated five hundred dollars of football equipment.

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