Wednesday, April 26, 2017

La Liga - Barcelona 7-1 victory over Messi + two new aid into the two goals

This morning, the first 34 rounds of the Spanish, Barcelona 7-1 swept the squad leader Osasuna, won the league 10 consecutive victories to continue to lead. Messi and the season the two new aid Andre - Gomez and Paco - Alcacel, respectively, scored twice, Mascherano transmission meritorious deeds, the penalty kick into Barcelona career first Scoring. Barcelona to become the league this season, the first five league goals of 100 goals of the team, Roberto - Torres scored a direct free kick for the visiting team to recover a ball.

Two teams nearly 10 times in the Nou Camp confrontation, Barcelona made 9 wins, only 2 goals conceded. Enrique served as La Liga coach, never lost to Osasuna, 2 wins and 1 level. The campaign is La Liga between the first and last one of the duel, but also the highest point of the ball with the lowest team between the confrontation. Enrique once again evolved three guard formation, Messi partner Paco - Alcazar assault, Nemal suspension, Suarez into the bench, Javier Mascherano, Digner, Andre - Gomez , Dennis - Suarez and Turan rotate starting.
The first 12 minutes, the visiting team midfielder Fawuso return error, Messi quickly after the formation of a single ball after the ball, the goalkeeper Xili ancient cool ejection break, 1-0. La Liga career Messi 20th break Osasuna goal, history first, leading the first 2 of the Villa up to 7 goals. Osasuna is also 23 goals in Seville, 22 goals at Atletico, 21 goals after Valencia, the fourth league by Messi broke more than 20 times the Spanish team.

The first 14 minutes, Dini outside the restricted area outside the long shot, the ball hit the bottom line. 26 minutes, Pique over the top pass, Paco - Alcazar restricted area right rib cross knock at the door, Messi outflank right foot volley hit high. 30 minutes, Messi pass after the ball after the ball break, the restricted area before the left foot volley, the ball rub the left side of the column wide.
The first 30 minutes, Raktić right-wing biography, Andre - Gomez penalty point near the Tuishe broke, 2-0. The Portuguese into Barcelona career second ball, 42 war 2 ball, are broken in the Nou Camp stadium.

Barca library library came to the Nou Camp view. 37 minutes, Javier Mascherano sent over the top pick, Turan header rounding off. 40 minutes, Messi kick left free kick pass, Paco - Alcacel head header, Xili ancient flying ball sealed.
The first 48 minutes, the visiting team midfielder Roberto - Torres took the free kick, the ball around the wall directly into the left corner of the goal, Barcelona 2-1. Roberto Torres into the Osasuna team La Liga this season, the first direct free kick, Barcelona this season, three opponents have been directly free kick, but also the first round of the league after the first four rounds.

The first 50 minutes, Paco - Alcazar left cross, Javier Mascherano header, Cili ancient flapping the ball hit the right column pop. 2 minutes later, Roberto - Torres restricted area left ribs small angle volley, Terstead root saved the ball. The first 55 minutes, Rakitic stepped into the restricted area was opponents knocked down, the referee did not penalty kick.
66 minutes, Dennis - Suarez restricted area by Barcelona veteran Merida swept the legs stumbled, Javier Mascherano missed a penalty kick, 6-1. Mascherano Barcelona career 319 games the first time a goal, but also for the first time his career kick penalty kick, the Argentine a goal, or in February 2010 when Liverpool played in the European Cup , After a lapse of 7 years.
Barcelona became the first five league games this season, the goal of a breakthrough team of 100 goals. The first 86 minutes, Dennis - Suarez Zhise, Paco - Alcázel solo round the goalkeeper Xili ancient, easily pushed into the empty door, 7-1. The campaign was in January 1999 against Alavis battle, Rivaldo, Enrique and Oscar were scored twice, Barcelona for the first time in a single league three players into more than two goals. Barcelona won the league 10 consecutive victories, but also the 2013-14 season after the start of the first time to do.
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