Sunday, April 23, 2017

New York City 2017 season home soccer jersey

US New York City Football Club official officially announced today the team 2017 season new home jersey, the new jersey continued the club's famous sky blue tradition, emphasizing the club and New York City inextricably linked.
The new jersey continues the club's famous sky blue tradition, the navy blue and orange details are derived from the club's badge, but also from the banner of New York City. The lower side of the new jersey is also printed with a small New York City flag, the banner center badge with a simple New York City "NYC" letter badge replacement.
And the new jersey with navy blue and white two shorts, to flexibly deal with different opponents.
New season home socks are sky blue, socks decorated with navy blue, but also joined the "City (city)" words.
The new jersey fabric is designed to provide a more comfortable wearing experience, so that people in their daily life or football are more willing to wear it.
The new jersey chest proudly demonstrated the exquisite die-casting club badge, New York City Club badge shows the club and the city inextricably linked, suggesting that the team's potential and win the ambition, but also exudes New York as a leading state of the city.
Jeans and cuffs eye-catching orange decorative line from the club badge in the orange outer ring, orange is also the color of the New York City flag. The new jersey's two sleeves are printed with the club's exclusive navy blue, sky blue and white three-color big league armbands.
In the collar of the jersey, the Navy blue bag shows the five important components of New York City in orange and white - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx Bronx and Staten Island.
The new jersey makes the player faster in the game, with a more comfortable wearing experience. It uses ultra-light material, without sacrificing flexibility and flexibility at the same time, for the players to provide a higher freedom of movement, an increase of the shirt breathability.
On the other hand, the production of jersey using climacool breathable technology, the use of holes, breathable materials, fabrics and unique sewing technology designed to help keep the players dry.
The new wholesale soccer jersey is made from recycled polyester, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the impact on the environment, thus playing a significant role in Adidas' protection of the environment and the sustainability of the project.