Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Santos Laguna 2017 season second away soccer jersey

PUMA company together Santos Laguna Club (Santos Laguna) jointly launched the team 2017 season new second away jersey, jersey with a gray tone, decorated with green details, shallow horizontal stripes and the team famous Of the home shirt style the same strain. Inspired by the club's home-Santor Model Santor Model Stadium, the iconic green and gray tones show the local droughts and complex climate, and also the legend of the club's legend and the stars of today.
Jersey chest club badge with silicone and felt fabric two materials made by thermal bonding technology, both the appearance of the exquisite beauty and internal sense of the comfort. Chest and cuffs PUMA "big cat" trademark also uses a silicone resin, showing a new three-dimensional form.
PUMA in the armpit, shoulders and back are introduced breathable mesh fabric, allowing the overall weight of the shirt lighter, high-performance fiber with dryCELL moisture management technology to help players adjust the body temperature, keep the body dry, to ensure high strength confrontation in the excellent Play. The main ad of the jersey uses the "R-Breath" technology, the uniform distribution of micropores to ensure a good permeability, all ads are designed to dark green also ensure the overall coordination and unity.
Jersey collar shows the unique symbol of the club's culture, wholesale soccer jersey hem green, white, red three-color small weaving standard is emphasized Santos Laguna as the identity of the Mexican club.

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