Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ukrainian national team 2017-18 season home and away jerseys

Joma company together with the Ukrainian Football Association (FFU) today announced the Ukrainian national team new home and away jerseys, Joma company and the Ukrainian Football Association signed a new cooperation agreement, the Ukrainian national team will wear in the next few years Joma brand jersey game.
March 24, 2018 Russian World Cup European qualifier Ukraine away to challenge the Croatian team in the game, the team will wear the first time the blue Joma away jerseys played.
Both jeans are comfortable and highly flexible polyester fabric, DRYMX technology to ensure excellent ventilation and keep the body dry ability.
The players will be in the fierce competition in a large number of sweat, the new jersey to provide a greater permeability area, Joma jersey polyester fiber fabric design with microporous to help breathable, and has antibacterial function.
Joma company for the Ukrainian national team both yellow home or blue away cheap soccer jersey have brought a unique custom design, the summer of 2016 launched a new national team badge first appeared in the national team wholesale soccer jersey chest, novel Fashion badge closer to the shape of the Ukrainian emblem, always inspire players to fight for the country.
Ukrainian traditional embroidery (Vyshyvanka) style stripes placed on the front and sides of the jersey, the emblem of the Trident cleverly into the pattern, to show the world the pride of the culture of Ukraine.

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