Monday, June 26, 2017

Arsenal 2017-18 season home soccer jersey shirt

In the "We Are The Arsenal" slogan, the Puma company together with the Arsenal club jointly announced the team 2017-18 season new home wholesale soccer jersey, lucky fans, as always, invited to participate in the "gunmen" family "family portrait" At the same time, the legendary star Robert Pires and Martin Keown also witnessed the release of the new jersey with the fans at King’s Cross Station.
The new season, "Gunners" will continue to write by Herbert Chapman (Herbert Chapman) to create a red and white history, the new jersey has a classic appearance, combined with the trend of Puma design and unique unique details, inspired "gunmen "Everyone in the big family.
The red in the new jersey is deeper than ever, extracted from the right side of the club badge, exudes a heavy sense of history. The double-colored Polo dress with buttons is elegant and trendy, matching the identity of the giants who have been fighting in the top leagues since 1919.
Combined with the latest Puma trend of fashion, the concept of color gradient was applied to the design of the sleeves, each of the tiny show for the Arsenal team logo outline of the silver dot into a changing beam, a symbol of "gunmen" powerful and loyal fans basis.
To celebrate fifty years ago (1967) the cannon badge first appeared in the club jersey, the new shirt collar cleverly introduced the white cannon symbol, and now it has become Arsenal club exclusive pattern.
As before, the new soccer jersey wholesale in the front and back are using Puma’s ACTV Thermo-R technology to help players in the movement to maintain the best body temperature. Unique phase change material is used in the movement of the inside of the soccer jersey wholesale, it can absorb excess calories and need to be released back to the body. Close to the body of the stickers can also play a micro-massage effect on the skin to help athletes to play the best level, and to the athlete’s muscles to faster and more effective energy supply.
"Gunners" new season goalkeeper home jersey to dark green-based, the introduction of fashionable round dot matrix decoration. As with the home jersey, the white cannon symbol placed in the collar, to commemorate fifty years ago, the first time in the Canadian jersey badge appear on the club jersey.

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