Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Celtics 2017-18 season away soccer jersey

New Balance and the Scottish Celtics team jointly announced the team 2017-18 season new away soccer jerseys, new jerseys will be nostalgic and modern style cleverly together, when the Celtics fans follow Brendan Rogers (Brendan Rodgers) and his victorious division battle away, still able to feel the power from the Celtic Park stadium.
From the Celtic Park Stadium, the color of the seats to draw inspiration, combined with the club's classic image, the new away jersey show the depth of two alternating green stripes. Inspired by the most glorious moments in the history of the club, the new jersey will incorporate the elements of the Lisbon Lion 50 years ago into the details of the design and to pay tribute to the great team and the incredible achievements they have created.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Champions League, the badge on the soccer jersey has been redesigned. The golden Celtic round braces are engraved with "LISBOA", "50º ANIVERSÁRIO (50th Anniversary)" And "25 DE MAIO DE 1967 (May 25, 1967)" and other information, the top golden five-pointed star symbolizes the club only 50 years ago, the first summit of Europe.
In the collar of the jersey, the long striped labels show green and white stripes and blue and black vertical stripes, representing the participants in the important finals fifty years ago - wearing green and white cross stripes Of the Celtics and the Inter Milan International Slender wearing a blue and black jacquard, to commemorate the great game and great opponent.
The back of the wholesale soccer jersey is also the same horizontal stripes as the front, and with the golden font of the ad.
The new NB Dry technology used in the new jersey allows the body to remain cool and dry during exercise. Perspiration cloth can quickly remove the body of the wet sweat, the arm below the thermal induction of laser holes can increase the body air flow, when needed to provide cooling effect. Ergonomic design can improve lumbar support and reduce resistance, so that players move more easily.

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