Thursday, June 8, 2017

Juventus 2017-18 season home soccer jersey

Adidas company together with the Italian Juventus club today announced the team 2017-18 season new home soccer jersey, the new design to the club before the great tribute to the future, with the eternal pursuit of victory to reshape the self.
The new club badge is proudly displayed on the chest of the new jersey, the badge will be the most representative of the three elements of the club - zebra stripes, Serie A championship shield and iconic capital letters "J" with a unique and whole The way of fusion, it represents not only a club, but a sense of belonging, a unique philosophy. The new badge combines the classic football team emblem and modern elements, on behalf of Juventus constantly keep pace with the spirit.
At the same time, the new soccer jersey showing a number of iconic features to the 40s of last century that great team tribute, with buttons of the white Henry collar and back a whole black wide stripes for the "Bianconeri" bring classical and Elegant temperament, as they get the club in the history of the seventh Serie A championship when wearing.
The new jersey makes the player faster in the game, with a more comfortable wearing experience. It uses ultra-light material, without sacrificing flexibility and flexibility at the same time, for the players to provide a higher freedom of movement, an increase of the shirt breathability.
On the other hand, the production of jersey using climacool breathable technology, the use of holes, breathable materials, fabrics and unique sewing technology designed to help keep the players dry.
The new soccer jersey is made from recycled polyester, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the impact on the environment, thus playing a significant role in Adidas' protection of the environment and the sustainability of the project.

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