Tuesday, June 6, 2017

West Ham United 2017-18 season away soccer jersey

Umbrella company together with the West Ham club in England jointly launched the team 2017-18 season new away soccer jersey, all black jersey with sky blue details, the new design to "hammer to help" in the new season, the Premier League is unique.
The new design brought by the club for the club declared the return of the famous diamond chain, "Union flag (Union Jack)" details to the club's origin - the end of the nineteenth century Thames Ironworks FC (Thames Ironworks FC) to pay tribute The
West Noble captain Mark Noble (Mark Noble) said: "The new shirt is really praise, I like the dark jersey, even if you usually wear jeans with friends to play together, this shirt is also a good choice. I think the black makes us look very strong, and of course I look forward to wearing it standing in front of our unparalleled expedition fans.
"Over the years we've had countless memorable away games, those who have been closely following our fans have always been moving, especially in the heavyweight game with Tottenham and Manchester United. I remember 2013 in the white deer The victory of the lane so that the entire visiting team into a crazy, when we win on the road, for our expedition fans are of great significance.When we win, you can hear the ubiquitous cheers in the game, there are It 's like living in our home.
Designed for the players to play well, the main use of convex fabric for the soccer jersey to bring the classic appearance, comfortable experience and lasting quality, under the armor position of the breathable fabric is conducive to the players in the game better heat and perspiration.
Inspired by the inscription of the diamond, the new jersey is dressed in wine-red V-shaped stripes, the blue and white joint flag pattern embedded in the diamond-shaped silhouette, to the origin of the club - the late nineteenth century Thames Iron factory football club tribute, but also show the club's nickname - "The Hammers (hammer help)".
"In the 2017-18 season, we will see the famous diamond chain re-return to Umbro's jersey, which was first introduced in 1977 and later in the next season," said Jason Fairclough, marketing director at Umbro. Dozens of years to become the brand of inscription jingling forty years later, the diamond chain as a brand mark to return again.

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