Friday, July 7, 2017

Lazio 2017-18 season home and the European Cup soccer jersey

With the theme of "History Is Back", Macron and the Lazio Club of Italy unveiled the team's new home and European Cup soccer jersey in the 2017-18 season. The classic and stylish design shows this great club. Solid tradition, while celebrating the club to return to the European arena.
Conference, in the magnificent light show, two new jerseys gorgeous debut.
Macron for the club tailored new season home soccer jersey has a retro appearance, pure sky blue jersey with classical white round neck and cuffs, showing this has a hundred years of history of the great club deep and solid tradition.
The new season, home appliance brand Sèleco once again become the "Blue Eagle" new jersey chest advertising sponsor, from the two sides on a cooperation (1982-84 season) team jersey design inspiration, new jersey chest to restore the club the last century 80 classic "hexagon" badge.
In order to celebrate the new season to return to the European arena, Macron for the club launched a special European Cup jersey, jersey positive blue and white stripes simple and crisp, sky blue lapel and collar chic V-shaped openings to add elegant Temperament, in order to make the player's name and number more clearly visible, the back is designed to white.
The new jersey uses the Macron brand Italian-style trimming, the focus area of ​​the mesh fabric has a good cooling function. Both sides have tiny pores to help players in the movement faster cooling and perspiration.
Details, the two new jerseys after the collar has a unique embossed pattern, the contents of the logo is the name of the club - "ss lazio (Lazio Sports Club)".
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