Friday, July 14, 2017

Mexican Club of America 2017-18 season home jersey

Nike together with the Mexican American Club jointly launched the team 2017-18 season new home wholesale soccer jersey, praised the club's great history and vision, with Nike Dri-FIT technology, the new soccer jersey loyal to the origin of the club, while showing the club's vivid Image.
New jersey design inspiration from the Aztec civilization in the famous eagle warrior, as a symbol of courage and combat effectiveness, to give the Americas an irresistible force.
The new jersey sets the traditional color of the club - the navy blue with milky yellow reveals a heavy sense of history, the introduction of red and blue chest to create an exaggerated geometric patterns, as the eagle warrior filled with wild shirt and headdress in general.
The jersey has a chic milky yellow sporty V-neck, and surrounds a red lace, chest flat and seamless silicone mesh structure team emblem to reduce the friction caused by the chest.
The back of the jersey also has the same pattern design as the front.
When the player is in motion, the jacquard side of the jacquard can provide great permeability, but also flashed out the bottom of the bright design. And jerseys with navy blue shorts and milky yellow socks.
The new jersey not only reflects the iconic details of Nike design, more players to provide performance innovation, jersey technology and sustainable environmental protection. Nike Dri-FIT technology can sweat from the body to absorb the appearance of the shirt, and quickly evaporate. So that players keep dry and comfortable at all times, put the game in the best condition.
In the shirt design Nike will be environmentally friendly in the first place, with recycled polyester manufacturing wholesale soccer jersey, but also to ensure that the jersey with unparalleled performance advantages and the impact on the environment smaller.
Each set of jerseys - including blouses, shorts and socks, are made of recycled plastic, which comes from recyclable plastic bottles that produce good yarns by degrading these raw materials to form the fabric body of the jersey.
Each jersey uses an average of 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycle nearly 3 billion waste plastic bottles from landfills - enough to fill 5200 soccer fields.

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