Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nantes 2017-18 season home soccer jersey

Umbrella company together Nantong club (FC Nantes) jointly launched the team 2017-18 season new home jersey, new jersey continuation of the club signs of the yellow-green tradition, trendy design and bold innovation to create a brand new club image The
Umbro designers for the new soccer jersey to bring a sleeves sleeve design, to strengthen the existence of the green, the combination of traditional and fashion, to arouse the old memories of the old fans of the classic image.
The new season's famous diamond chain back to Umbro's shirt, it was first in 1977, and in the next few decades to become the brand of insider jersey. Forty years later, the diamond chain marks as a brand mark to return again.
On the chest club badge is made of die-casting using hot melt technology, light and exquisite and rich in texture.
Jersey collar, but also proudly show the name of the club - "FC Nantes (Nantes Football Club)".
The new soccer jersey uses a high-tech fabric, bringing a classic look, a comfortable experience and a lasting quality. The breathable fabric in the armpit position helps the player to heat and perspirate better in the game.
New season home shorts and socks are yellow, socks in the middle also shows the inscription and the club name of the abbreviation "FCN".

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