Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sevilla 2017-18 season home and away soccer jerseys

New Balance and the Spanish Sevilla Club jointly launched the team 2017-18 season new home, away and second away soccer jersey, the new jersey show the Seville club has always been the style, chic details designed to express the club and The fans miss the young man who had gone away ten years ago.
Sevilla team new season home jersey design consistent with the club's style, pure white soccer jersey with bright red details, together with the white shorts and signs of black socks together constitute a distinctive image of the club.
The new jersey also introduces subtle changes in the longitudinal weave, to the club's history, an important part of the tipto.
The new NB Dry technology used in the new jersey allows the body to remain cool and dry in motion. Perspiration cloth can quickly remove the body of the wet sweat, the arm below the thermal induction of laser holes can increase the body air flow, when needed to provide cooling effect. Ergonomic design can improve lumbar support and reduce resistance, so that players move more easily.
As a special design, the new season three soccer jersey shoulder jelly strips are embedded in a small figure "16" to commemorate the team had 16 players Antonio Puerta (Antonio Puerta) death ten anniversary. 2007-08 season La Liga first round of Sevilla and Getafe in the game, Puerta sudden heart disease in the stadium fainted, after the failure of treatment in three days after the unfortunate death. Ten years in the past, once the teammates and fans still deeply miss the young talent, the design of new jerseys also means that Puerta continues to fight in another way for the team.
Continued a few seasons club jersey on a unique detail, red and white shield emblem continues to appear in the new season after the collar of the three jerseys, the emblem badge is the club badge in the "SFC" pattern.
Compared with the home jersey, Sevilla new season away wholesale soccer jersey has a more aggressive red image, and with a striking white V-neck collar.
Jersey positive introduction of uniform longitudinal weave, classical and elegant.
The new season, black as the team's second away jersey's main color, jersey has a unique button with a buttoned round neck, the following with black shorts and white socks.
In detail, the jersey is full of subtle diamond-shaped shading, inspired by the appearance of some of the famous modern architecture in the city of Seville, to pay tribute to the cultural and artistic center of southern Spain, in the south of Seville.

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